W – Two Worlds Episode 10 Spoilers: Kang Chul’s killer succeeds plot? K-Drama becomes most-talked online

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W - Two Worlds episode 10 spoilers MBC ratings
W – Two Worlds episode 10 spoilers hint Kang Chul and villain’s meeting has becoming closer as the murderer formally introduced self with new face.

W – Two Worlds episode 10 spoilers hints Kang Chul’s rage over the killer’s newly revealed identity. His plan to avenge his murdered family certainly becomes closer to reality as the villain decided to personally meet him.

The strength of the series is obvious as its viewership dramatically increased recently. While W – Two Worlds is still on its half-way from its finale, more fans are getting hooked with the mysterious plot.

Based on the spoilers released, there is a higher probability that Kang Chul will be meeting his family’s killer with an identified persona using his creator, Oh Sung-Moo’s face. That being said, a lot of viewers both within the South Korean borders and abroad were already thrilled with its possible outcome.

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Due to the outstanding W – Two Worlds episode 10’s unexpected twists, the series lately earned the label as the most talked series based on the user’s comments online.

Prior to this event, the South Korean drama series immediately started gaining traction from the audience when the episode featured Kang Chul and Oh Yeon-Joo who secretly declared their marriage as an alibi to escape prison.

Consequently, MBC’s K-Drama series became a blast. Soompi noted its stunning 17.59 per cent viewership which surpassed its rival “Doctors” that starred Park Shin-Hye and Kim Rae-Won with only 10.18 per cent.

By recapping the previous point, W – Two Worlds is far from its final episode. Currently, MBC airs 10 of planned 16 episodes. Hence, there are more unpredictable twists to anticipate every week. Its finale is already scheduled on September 8.

According to the same source, W – Two Worlds as a mystery romance drama continuously gains attraction and an increased viewership due to the actors’ excellent performance for their respective roles. In addition to that, the production’s use of A-list actors adds the series’ success.

With these outcomes said, many fans are glad that the show finally gets the attention they deserve. They all agree to how the Good Data Corporation’s research results (show rating) supported to affirm the show’s quality.

“Totally agree! Every episode just blows my mind with all of its twist and turns. It’s amazing,” a user named Rasonic wrote.

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In the meantime, fans should watch out for W – Two Worlds episode 10 with English subs soon. Take note that the online streaming with English subs is usually delayed after MBC’s airing schedule. Those who can understand Korean, they could simply access newly released episode without subtitles in a few hours.

W – Two Worlds episode 10 airs every Wednesday and Thursday on MBC.

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