W – Two Worlds Episode 14 Spoilers: Sung-Moo helps Kang Chul to save Yeon-Joo from Han Chul-Ho

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W - Two Worlds episode 14 spoilers
W – Two Worlds episode 14 spoilers hint Kang Chul’s initiative to tell Sung-Moo & Soo-Bong about Yeon-Joo’s sudden death. Three of them succeed & save her?

W – Two Worlds episode 14 spoilers lead to an unexpected collaborative mission between “W” webtoon creator Oh Sung-Moo and Kang Chul to save the life of Oh Yeon-Joo, his wife and a problematic surgeon in the real life. However, the prosecutor-turned-politician Han Chul-Ho plotted the webtoon hero’s downfall.

In the earlier episode, Kang Chul succeeded in slaying Han Sang-Hoon, the murderer, and avenged the murder of his family that happened ten years ago. At the same time, he managed to save his creator Oh Sung-Moo through returning his face from the villain.

But what he didn’t know was his wife, Oh Yeon-Joo, became the deal.  She died due to blood loss when Sang-Hoon shot her from the back while she tried to escape in the warehouse, where the politician Han Chul-Hoo suggested the killer to stay.

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She passed away in front of Kang Chul’s eyes, while the doctors tried to recuperate her. But they failed and declared the surgeon’s death. In tears, he told Sung-Moo and his student, Park Soo-Bong about what happened. The three of them sobbed for Yeon-Joo’s demise. Her father, Sung-Moo, was regretful that he wasn’t able to save his own daughter.

Hence, in W – Two Worlds episode 14, it’s anticipated to see the three of them, Sung-Moo, Kang Chul, and Soo-Bong, try to save her. Will they use the webtoon as their means to make her alive again? Will Sung-Moo redo the webtoon? Will they try to connect the two worlds to resolve the situation?

Furthermore, Han Chul-Ho captured Kang Chul and tortured him. While he’s covered with blood, the webtoon hero kept saying, “I have to save her [Yoon-Joo].” Given these circumstances, there are many speculations about Kang Chul’s fate.

As of now, there are many questions how the K-Drama writers wish the series to end. Soompi reported that the final episode has already been finalized, according to an insider. Based on the insider’s report, director Jung Dae-Yun said that the team came up with an idea to bring the two different worlds together.

“Writer Song Jae-Jeong has finished writing the final episode. After discussing the direction of the ending with director Jung Dae-Yun, [the writer] finished writing the script today,” the insider stated.

Yet, Jung admitted that his team struggled with the process of reaching to the desired ending. Their plan was to make the two worlds connected and make them on-screen together. The problem is the idea could compromise the characters.

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So, they decided to focus on the characters’ emotions instead. The same source also mentioned about their divided attention, whether they’ll end the series with a happy finale or not.

Will Kang Chul have a happy ending? Or live a miserable life after his wife’s sudden death? These questions remain a guess until tonight when MBC airs W – Two Worlds episode 14.

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