W – Two Worlds Episode 8 Spoilers: Kang Chul finds killer who murdered his family; Unidentified murderer plots Yeon-Joo’s death

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W - Two Worlds episode 8 spoilers
MBC’s W – Two Worlds episode 8 spoilers reveal Kang Chul’s desperate search for the real killer who murdered his family ten years ago. Will he catch him?

MBC’s W – Two Worlds episode 8 spoilers reveal about Kang Chul’s real enemy. The unknown entity told him about his direct Chul’s family massacre. Thus, Chul’s search continued.

In previous episodes of South Korea’s popular K-Drama series W – Two Worlds, Oh Yeon-Joo forced to draw Kang Chul using her father’s graphic computer. She desired to bring his character back to life to save him and his world.

She discovered from his father’s assistant Park Soo-Bong that her Oh Sung-Moo (Yeon-Joo’s father), took W’s plot line from her created story when she was a kid. Because of that, she realized that Kang Chul has been part of her life since then.

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Knowing the purpose of his existence and her attachment to Chul, she initially forced Soo-Bong to draw. But he knew he can’t since he acknowledged Oh Sung-Moo’s drawing. So, he literally can’t imitate his style. He said that if he draws, the editor would surely notice the differences.

She ended up bringing the graphic computer with her and started recalling how she drew Kang Chul. After two months of desperation, she finally succeeded and brought Kang Chul’s life anew. Consequently, she got into his world once again as an escaped prisoner hiding in Seoul Detention Center.

W’s world went on like the usual after its two-month pause. Kang Chul woke up in his bed and recalled everything he discovered in Yeon-Joo’s real world. While doing so, he discovered Yeon-Joo being brought to the police station again.

He told his bodyguard Seo Do-Yoon to tell the police of his visitation. Unexpectedly, he decided to stop the bus where the police brought Yeon-Joo. From there, he asked if he could have a five-minute talk with her. The police agreed.

At the end of the conversation, Kang Chul promised to get Yeon-Joo out from prison using his power as a broadcasting network president. In episode seven, his lawyer persuaded Chul about the only way he could possibly take Yeon-Joo out from prison.

They should agree to their secret marriage which took place in the US in 2015. At least, they could persuade the public about the reason behind Yeon-Joo’s refusal to testify about Kang Chul’s attempted murder case.

Initially, Kang Chul asked Yeon-Joo about the reason why she has to make him alive again. He also asked if she’s playing games with him. Obviously, Yeon-Joo was hurt by what he said. She shouted that she wanted him alive because she wanted to see him again. She explained that already fell in love with him.

She went back to her world for some seconds. But before Kang Chul got out from the detention, Yeon-Joo appeared again. Immediately, he told her he’s also afraid of not seeing her again. The confrontation ended with a passionate kiss.

While the two enjoyed their married, Kang Chul suddenly received a phone call from suspicious, caller while he’s in the elevator. The caller asked, “Who are you? How did you live again?”

Kang Chul immediately told his bodyguard to track the suspicious caller. However, that unidentified entity called him again. When he reached his bedroom with his wife sleeping, he grabbed his gun under the pillow.

The suspicious caller revealed that he’s the person behind his family’s murder. He also told Kang Chul about shooting Yeon-Joo in her forehead like he did with his family.

The episode ended with Kang Chul’s shock and the rebirth of W’s mission, which was to find the real killer of his family ten years ago. Hence, W – Two World episode 8 is predicted to see Kang Chul’s desperate search for the unidentified murderer.

In the next episode, his bodyguard Do-Yoon told him about Chul’s personal assistant Yoon So-Hee’s left hand mysteriously disappeared. That happened after she told him to do a left handshake.

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Kang Chul is expected to connect these events including the unidentified webtoon character he saw in Sung-Moo’s W character profile. Will he finally identify this odd and suspicious caller?

W – Two Worlds airs every Wednesday and Thursday on MBC.

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