The Walking Dead Leaked footage shows an alternate Negan kill [VIDEO]

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The Walking Dead alternate Negan kill
The Walking Dead alternate Negan kill

So the Walking Dead finally revealed the Negan kill that millions of fans worldwide had been theorizing about for the past months. And though the two deaths were more or less expected by followers of the series, it was still one of the most brutal and violent deaths ever on the small screen.


Yes, the victims of Lucille’s wrath were Glenn and Abraham, and though it may seem that Negan’s kill spree may be over (for now), there is now supposedly leaked footage making the usual rounds online showing alternate footage wherein Maggie is the victim of Negan.

The clip, which can be seen below, was first leaked by Variety and has been shared over numerous social media channels ever since. In the clip, Negan can be seen continuing his game of eeny, meeny, miny, moe but instead of ending with Abraham, he ends up pointing Lucille at Maggie.

She then takes two blows to the head, with Negan saying the same line in the actual episode, “Ooh, look at that”, and “Taking it like a champ.” Glenn then screams for his wife but is eventually also hit by Negan’s barbed bat.


Multiple versions of Negan kill were filmed?

According to sources, multiple versions of the Negan kill were filmed by the execs and were used as snippets as Rick imagined his friends’ death.

Other reports contradict this rumor, though, as Michael Cudlitz, who played Abraham Ford, seemingly confirmed that his fellow cast members did not really film individual death scenes.

“We spread a rumor that the cast didn’t even know who was going to die and that we shot the death of every character, and people were going through contract negation,” shared Cudlitz. “And all of that was a lie, so we were able to have that to hide behind for about five months after shooting.”

Regardless, that’s probably the last thing he’ll ever say about the show to the media. RIP Glenn and Abraham.

Photo Courtesy: Casey Florig/ Flickr

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