The Walking Dead Season 7: Leaked information about Negan’s victim; The fate of Daryl Dixon [SPOILERS]

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The Walking Dead Spoilers
The Walking Dead Spoilers

In almost one month, the seventh season of the Walking Dead will be debuting, finally addressing long-running theories about who Negan killed. But according to some sources, an online leak has already revealed the name(s) of the unfortunate character(s) who were at the receiving end of Lucille.


According to a fan site, the Spoiling Dead, a source was able to secure alleged episode descriptions for the first half of the upcoming season. In the season description, details about each Walking Dead episode were summarized, including the name(s) of Negan’s victim(s).


The supposed description actually names two characters who will be killed by Negan in the first episode of the new season. Based on the episode description, it will be Abraham and Glenn, who will be saying goodbye to the AMC series this season.

The full details of the episode description can be seen below.

Negan kills two Walking Dead characters

Episode 7.1

Characters: Rick, Carl, Michonne, Daryl, Glenn, Maggie, Abe, Eugene, Rosita, Aaron, Sasha, Negan, Dwight, Simon (Steven Ogg), other Saviors.

Location: Mostly in the clearing where we last left off. There was also a filmed with Negan and Rick in the RV over where the burning logs from 6.16 were. One day of filming at Alexandria for a supposed dream sequence.


  • We believe Abe and Glenn will both fall victim to Lucille
  • Daryl gets taken prisoner by the Saviors
  • Negan takes Rick on a mind-f**k adventure in the RV
  • There’s a rumored dream sequence which will feature the main characters, including the Lucille victims. There’s also supposed to be a Gleggie baby in this scene

Though the death of Abe and Glenn had already been reported in the past, details about the RV adventure are new. The Spoiling Dead has also maintained a good track record regarding leaked information, so the updates on Negan’s victim may possibly be taken as a confirmation of the characters’ deaths.

The Walking Dead 7 will see tough times for Daryl

Another spoiler included in the leaked information talks about the fate of the Walking Dead’s beloved character, Daryl. Based on reports of the Spoiling Dead, Daryl may be seeing tough times ahead, as he will be captured, tortured and taken by Negan, away from Rick and the rest of the community. The details of the second episode can also be seen below.

Episode 7.2

Characters: Daryl, Negan, Dwight, Sherry, Saviors

Location: The majority of the episode takes place at the Sanctuary. There was also filming in different areas around Griffin for a car chase scene


  • Seems to focus on the inner-workings of the Sanctuary
  • Daryl is tortured as a prisoner. Might make a failed escape attempt.
  • Dwight is involved in a chase scene where he and a few other Saviors chase down a rogue savior who has escaped the Sanctuary.

What do you think about the leaked information? Was is what you expected? See if these speculations are true, when the Walking Dead premieres on October 23.

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