Walking Dead Season 7: Who did Negan kill? Revealed by Daryl Dixon, Rick Grimes

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Photo courtesy: Casey Florig/Flickr.com

Walking Dead season 7 is a long way off and that is ripping the fans of the show apart in questions regarding who Negan killed at the end of season 6? Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon on the show and Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes share their opinions on what might happen when the next season airs.

“I know what happens and it’s gut-wrenching to be there. All of us had reactions to it…we had crew members crying while we were filming. It’s heavy.” Reedus said on the Today Show. He also mentioned that the finale of the show was never about who dies. Although most of the fans are unhappy with the ending, Reedus claims that The Walking Dead is not a “Survivor Island”, as reported by New York Daily News.

Andrew Lincoln, who plays the lead character of the show Rick Grimes had his share of views related to how the fans reacted to the season 6 finale. He defined the episode as “brilliant”, especially the way it was shot.

Although the internet is going crazy over the identity of Negan’s victim, nothing concrete has come forward from any source. With Reedus claiming the death to be “gut-wrenching” and “heavy”, it could be said that a lead character will die. Fans of the show will have huge emotions attached with the character.

Glenn, played by Steven Yeun is the most likely victim of Negan considering it was written in the comic books. However, with no lead to who Negan has killed, the safest bet will be to wait for The Walking Dead season 7 to premiere.

Photo courtesy: Casey Florig/Flickr.com

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