The Walking Dead Season 7 release date update; who did Negan kill; Scott Gimple reveals major episode 1 spoilers

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Photo courtesy: YouTube.com/FOX International Channels

Fans around the world are eagerly awaiting the news of The Walking Dead Season 7 release date. Ever since the roller coaster finale of season 6 ended, viewers are coming up with major theories regarding who Negan killed before the screen went black?  Showrunner Scott Gimple recently revealed some major hints as to what The Walking Dead Season 7 episode 1 may look like.

“I can say without spoiling anything that things are going to start of very, very, very dark.” Gimple said, as reported by Den of Geek. The next season will have a shift in mood in contrast to how the series is portrayed to the viewers.

It is also being reported that The Walking Dead Season 7 release date is on October 9, 2016. The show follows a pattern of releasing, which is on the Sunday of New York Comic Con.

Meanwhile, speculations suggest that Negan will not kill either of Glenn (Steven Yeun), Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) or Daryl (Norman Reedus), thus rubbishing all the theories made by fans. Instead, it is being heavily rumored that Negan will kill one of his own men in the first episode of season 7, according to Movie Pilot.

This theory is deemed credible by many critics considering the fact that the action will send a clear signal to Rick and his gang that Negan is not afraid of killing anyone. If the story does take this direction, then it will certainly be one of the most shocking twists in the history of the series.

It is Glenn who gets killed in The Walking Dead comic series and regular readers will be aware of that. Based on this many fans of the show are convinced that it will be Maggie’s husband who will face the demise. However, the writers of the show have shown previously of deviating from the comics from time-to-time.

Meanwhile, if The Walking Dead’s official Instagram account is to be believed, then season 7 will see the introduction of two new characters, Ezekiel and his pet tiger.

Photo courtesy: YouTube.com/FOX International Channels

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