Walking Dead Season 7 Spoilers: Morgan’s dark side will come back, show will end with its 99th episode

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The ‘Walking Dead’ panel had a lot of revealing during the recently concluded NY ComicCon. And some of the things they said include the show ending on its 99th episode and Morgan’s dark side returning once again. These are just some of them along with other juicy details for the show’s season 7.

During the panel interview, fans asked the panel if they would see Morgan’s dark side resurface again. They were referring to the time when Morgan killed someone right after he promised he would never do it again. It was the time he saved Carol and lost himself emptying the gun to kill the man. Many said that one bullet could’ve finished the job, but his anger got the better of him. Leslie James teased that fans should be careful what they wish for hinting that when he allowed his dark side once again, it will be much uglier than the first time.

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The panel also said that season 7 of Walking Dead will end on the show’s 99th episode. They said that they are saving the 100th episode to start season 8 as a milestone of how far the show has come.

Meanwhile, season 7 director Greg Nicotero told fans that this season was very difficult and challenging for all of them because they were trying hard to keep fans excited and guessing. It is also difficult because fans had been very vocal about their expectations in the coming season that they had a hard time what to include or not.

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“There are some unbelievable moments and performances that sort of come out of the fog and the post-traumatic stress of the actual moment that I think really set the stage for the entire season,” Nicotero said.

Whatever those moments and performances are, fans are surely excited to see what will happen in season 7.

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