Westworld: 4 reasons why it will be bigger than ‘Game of Thrones’

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Westworld, the new HBO series, has already premiered after a lot of hype and delays. However, all of this seemed effective since it became the highest-grossing and most successful premiere drawing more viewers than when Game of Thrones premiered. According to Nielsen, the Michael Crichton futuristic story drew 2.3 million linear viewers while Game of Thrones had 2.2 million linear viewers. With the buzz, it has created and continued generating, people can’t help but compare the two. But here are some reasons why Westworld will surpass GoT beyond the premiere ratings.

1. It fills the void ‘Game of Thrones’ has left.

Winter isn’t coming for Game of Thrones fans and with that, a big void has been left in the hearts of viewers as they are left like orphans without a show as big a scale as GoT to replace their aching hearts. Now come Westworld and millions showed up to see if this is the show that will finally ease their longing for GoT. Indeed, the cross-genre epic did not disappoint as it introduced colorful and larger-than-life characters to the small screen. It is totally different than GoT but HBO has proven once again that when it comes to quality and unique stories, they always have the ace in their hands.

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2. It is more violent and sadistic

Despite the controversy of the statement, there is never a doubt that sex and violence sell. Game of Thrones has a lot of them and although it’s not all about those two elements, they certainly draw people of all ages. Just look at most of the videos on YouTube and it is evident what people are excited about. Soon, it won’t be surprising to see similar videos of Westworld.

Critics and reviewers have already noticed how much violence and sadism the pilot episode had. Just think about how Ed Harris’ character beats Evan Rachel Woods’ and see her lover, James Marsden, killed. Before all of that happened, more death had taken place.

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3. Its story is already full of intrigue that gets viewers hooked.

Westworld happened in a theme park where people can time travel and interact with robots controlled by AI, whose memories are wiped clean by Dr. Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) and assisted by Bernard Lowe (Jeffrey Wright). Since they cannot remember anything the day after, they are given a fresh start. Thus, moral questions arise, such as what would a person do if he or she is given a clean slate every day? There’s also the question how guests go about the park without hurting each other. These are just some questions that viewers want an answer for. And then, there’s the question about the park’s location, is it big or is it a miniature? Just watch the premiere episode if you haven’t and see why this question is being raised?

4. It has a powerhouse cast

Although a powerhouse cast does not guarantee the success of a show, seeing Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, James Marsden, Evan Rachel Woods, and the rest of the cast is already a must-see. Plus, the story is an adaptation of Michael Crichton’s.

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