The Winds of Winter Release Date: Truth behind cancel rumors; George R.R. Martins tired over missing deadlines

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Photo courtesy: Henry Söderlund/Wikimedia

The Winds of Winter release date is still alive and has not been cancelled. The George R.R. Martin written book will probably not make a 2017 release as predicted earlier but will definitely see the light of the day, unlike many sources claiming against it.

There is no concrete news over The Winds of Winter release date from any official sources until now. However, this does not mean that the book has been cancelled. There are many sources on the internet declaring that the book has possibly been cancelled and that Martin may have decided on writing against it. But, there are no solid evidences to support these claims, according to iDigitalTimes.

Despite the delay, The Winds of Winter is certainly under works and will get its release date sooner or later. The real reason however behind the delay of the book is George R.R. Martin’s slow pace of writing. Aside from this, the 68-year-old is heavily involved with other commitments.

His day-to-day commitments involve attending conventions, theater and also his other projects. He also had to give time to the HBO show Game of Thrones. It was previously stated that the man from Bayonne, New Jersey wanted to release The Winds of Winter before HBO released Game of Thrones Season 6 on television in 2016. However, the book was not completed in time and he missed the deadline.

“But no, I can’t tell you when it will be done, or when it will be published… But when delivery will be, I can’t say. I am not going to set another deadline for myself to trip over. The deadlines just stress me out,” GRRM said on his Live Journal.

This leaves doubt whether the book will be released even before the release of Game of Thrones Season 7, which is expected to hit the television screens in the summer of 2017.

However, one thing is certain. Despite the lack of updates from George R.R. Martin regarding The Winds of Winter release date, the book is not scrapped and will hit the shelves sometime in the future.

Photo courtesy: Henry Söderlund/Wikimedia

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