World War 3 Imminent: Basic guide to survive a nuclear war

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World War 3
World War 3

Tensions are rising between the United States and Russia and it has unleashed a flurry of World War 3 conspiracy theories that have come to the forefront of the US 2016 national elections.

America’s relationship with Russia has become more volatile as both sides have been accused of cyber-espionage threats to the continuing dispute over Crimea, but the main issue is the current war in Syria where each nation has separately accused the other of war crimes.

As Russia supports President Bashar Hafez al-Assad and his dictatorship, the U.S. armed Syrian rebel forces who are fighting against him, in the premise that both nations are only making direct attacks on Islamic extremist groups in the area.

As the war worsens in Syria, the Turkish government has warned that the possibility of a third world war 3 is near, thus, there has been a need for survival tips in this context. It may come as a handy guide for people who are already scared that the war might take place anytime in the near future.

Here are some basic guides to surviving a nuclear war:

  • Before the war begins, the most basic thing to do is to stay fit and exercise. It will be a lot of help in case of a survival scenario. You may never know how many miles you have to run in order to find shelter.
  • Save up food, water, stocks, provisions, tools and the basic necessities needed in order to survive a nuclear blast. Learn how to provide food for yourself as you may never know when rescue is coming.
  • Get as far away to the city as possible and stay underground. According to Express, the top 10 safest places to go if ever a war does happen are, Tuvalu, New Zealand, Switzerland, Chile, Iceland, Bhutan, Ireland, Malta and Fiji.
  • Do not look directly at the blast in order to prevent eye damage or blindness.
  • Get indoors as debris and shrapnels are the most devastating effects of a blast. If you have an underground shelter, it will be better to stay inside. However, if the blast happens and you are outside, hide in the nearest building or a hole or sewer.
  • Stay indoors for as long as possible because of the radioactive poison peaks within two days. Learn how to make DIY suits or buy gas masks.

Photo Courtesy: Maxwell Hamilton/ Flickr

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