World War 3: Moscow set to hit with vengeance

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Russian Bombing of Syria
Picture Courtesy: Scott Bobb/Voice of America News

Before a fresh wave of Russian bombing of Syria in the war-torn country, the Syrian Army along with Russia gave Aleppo rebels time until Friday evening to peacefully withdraw their forces before they start to bomb the area.

Two special corridors have been created especially for the purpose to let the rebels leave between 09:00 hrs to 19:00 hrs on the fourth of November according to ibtimes.com.au

The rebels have paid no heed to Putin’s warning in a move that could instigate further action by the west eventually resulting in a global armed conflict from the Russian bombing of Syria. According to Reuters, a Zakaria Malahifiji representing the rebel group Fastiqim said “This is completely out of the question. We will never give up the city of Aleppo to the Russians and we won’t surrender.”

Rebels doubt the credibility of such so-called safe passages and civilians and rebels alike view the corridors with suspicion and even those wanting to leave do not do so for the lurking threat of ambush.

Russian bombing of Syria  particularly in this case Aleppo had been withheld from Oct. 18 when Putin declared a cease-fire and later extended it till the fourth of November. The lovers of peace should note with some alarm that Russian warships have been sent to the region and are awaiting instructions from Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Pools indicated that as much as 48 percent of Russian citizens fear a global conflict eventually turning into a World War III of sorts but still back Putin’s move.

Contrary to Russian claims, The U.S. maintains that the offenses at Mosul carried out by the U.S. are distinct and different from Aleppo. In a statement reported by the LA Times a representative of the State Department said: “Any comparison is absolutely insulting.”

He is keen to point out that the IS had been running amok in Mosul for two years. In contrast, the opposition rebels of Aleppo are far more in number than al-Qaida or IS linked fighters. Firby further comments that the U.S. took comprehensive precautions to keep civilians out of the strikes and has helped the U.N. to help the ordinary residents of Mosul to avoid the devastating specter of war.

Image Courtesy: Scott Bobb/Voice of America News

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