World War 3 Update: Russia threatens to nuke Norway after deployment of US Marines

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World War 3
World War 3

Talks of World War 3 have been plaguing the internet lately as tensions between Russia and the United States have been reaching fever pitch levels. Recently, though, new developments have been ongoing as Moscow has made damning threats of a nuclear attack on Norway, for the country’s deployment of 330 US Marines at Værnes.

Frants Klintsevitsj, who is the deputy chairman of Russia’s defense and security committee, has announced that the presence of the US Marines in the region has been deemed as a direct threat by their country.

According reports, Klintsevitsj has already included Norway as one a country in “the list of targets for our strategic weapons,” in their statement. “This is very dangerous for Norway and Norwegians.”

The US on the other hand claims that the deployment of its Marines is simply part of training drills and exercises within the Værnes military base. Located in Central Norway, the base is around 600 miles from the Russian border.

Norway has also released their own statement, welcoming the arrival of the US contingent.

“This US initiative is welcome and also fits well within ongoing processes in NATO to increase exercises, training and inter-operability within the Alliance,” said Norwegian Defense Minister Ine Eriksen Soreide. “The defense of Norway is dependent on allied reinforcements, and it is crucial for Norwegian security that our allies come here to gain knowledge of how to operate in Norway and with Norwegian forces.”

US Marines presence in Norway could lead to World War 3?

But Russia is definitely not taking these movements lightly, taking their own steps into what could be another step towards World War 3.

‘How should we react to this? We have never before had Norway on the list of targets for our strategic weapons,” Russia’s Klintsevitsj announced. “But if this develops, Norway’s population will suffer. Because we need to react against definitive military threats. And we have things to react to, I might as well tell it like it is.”

Is World War 3 on the horizon? Hopefully, calmer heads will prevail.

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