WWE Rumors: Jeff Hardy to be banned over Wellness Policy?

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World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstar Jeff Hardy’s wellness policy from the previous run will carry over to his recent stint in the wrestling promotion. This is despite him taking a 8-year absence from the company.

Wrestlers who violate the wellness policy and leave the WWE will maintain their violation count. This is even if they return to the company after a long time, according to WWE Wellness Policy.

WWE’s Wellness Policy on returning wrestlers

If the violation still stands, Jeff will be subjected to a 60-Day suspension. Here is the official statement regarding wrestlers returning to WWE after violating the wrestling promotions wellness policy. This is from section 15 of the wellness policy web page under Penalties.

“Any WWE Talent, who leaves the WWE for any reason with a first or second violation on his/her record, will maintain said violation count on his/her record from the time he/she departs WWE until the time he/she returns, if ever, to the WWE,” the Wellness Policy reads.

However, it should be noted that the company’s policy also has a Redemption Program. This can remove a prior Policy violation by any wrestler. A superstar can use the forgiveness program to erase the strikes. Jeff could choose to pursue it.

“Upon successful completion of the Redemption Program, the WWE Talent shall request the PA, with the approval of the Medical Director, to delete one (1) of the two (2) violations of record for such WWE Talent. In the event the PA determines in favor of the request, the violation record for such WWE Talent will then be amended to reflect the reduction of a violation leaving the WWE Talent with only one (1) violation under the Policy,” the Redemption Program reads.

Jeff Hardy’s longtime issue with substance abuse

The Hardy Boyz began wrestling in the WWE back during the Attitude Era. However, Jeff would leave the company in 2002. This was due to his problems with substance abuse. After wrestling in ROH and TNA, Jeff re-signed with the WWE in 2006 and would stay with the company until his release in 2009.

Jeff’s second wellness policy violation came in 2008. This made the WWE deny him from winning the Money in the Bank briefcase at WrestleMania 24 as a part of 60-Day suspension.

Jeff Hardy has had his problems with substance abuse throughout his professional wrestling career. It was at its worst back in TNA around 2011. This led to a variety of videos with Jeff under the influence as well as the infamous Victory Road match against Sting.

However, since 2011, Jeff has had no reports of drug abuse issues. Hence, he could attempt the redemption program in the future.

Photo courtesy: Christian Korsager/Flikr

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