WWE News: Rene Dupree destroys Randy Orton over indie remarks

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Photo courtesy: Facebook.com/RandyOrtonByPS

Former WWE star Rene Dupree blasted Randy Orton on Twitter for the latter’s critical comments on the independent wrestling scene. The 33-year old Dupree claimed everything that Orton has achieved in his life was owing to the fact that it was handed to him, besides insinuating that he wouldn’t be a top star in WWE if Triple H wasn’t a huge fan of the Viper’s father ‘Cowboy’ Bob Orton.

Randy Orton’s father Bob Orton, uncle Barry Orton and grandfather Bob Orton Sr. have competed in the sport of professional wrestling; thereby making Randy a third-generation pro-wrestler.

On the other hand, Rene Dupree himself is a second-generation performer, with his father Emile Dupree having competed in the sport from 1955-88.

Rene Dupree calls Randy Orton a fat slob

Rene Dupree is best known for his time with WWE from 2002-07, and is the youngest competitor to have won a title in the company’s history. He has performed on the independent circuit since 2007, and has now put forth a couple of posts on his official Facebook page addressing the recent ‘…dive’ controversy propagated by Randy Orton.

Here is Rene’s post:

“Randy EVERYTHING was handed to You, from your nicknames To your Finishing Move People Can say the same about me but…. When you were hired You were a Fat slob, I just won The Canadian Bodybuilding Nationals and Qualified for the Worlds You had ZERO matches I had 500+ You Wouldn’t Last 1 Japanese Tour I’m on 49 tours and You counting If HHH wasn’t Such a mark For Your Daddy, You would’ve been FIRED YEARS Ago And You’re NOWHERE near the worker your Father was You’re Bashing indie Guys, Do what I did Grow a set of Balls Go Out And Prove You’re Special Cause I’m Sorry Bud , but The chin lock you use Is BORING as A Shit! BURNING BRIDGES??? I don’t give a **** #TRUTH”

Rene Dupree returning to WWE?

Rene Dupree presently competes in the independent professional wrestling circuit, mostly performing for Japanese promotions. Meanwhile, Randy Orton will compete in a rematch against Jinder Mahal for the latter’s WWE Championship at the Money In The Bank PPV on June 18th in Orton’s hometown of St. Louis, Missouri.

Rene Dupree still is relatively young and has been flying under the radar for a decade now, with most of his performances going down in Japan. He may return to WWE down the road, and given that, a potential feud between warring wrestling royalty would be a treat to watch.

Photo courtesy: Facebook.com/RandyOrtonByPS

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