Zac Efron on changing his life: “I wasn’t really being myself”

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After talking about his struggle in teen stardom, addiction and going to rehab, Zac Efron finally opened up on how he was able to cope up with a difficult stage in his life.

ELLE recently had an interview with the “Neighbors” star and asked him about how sobriety helped him change his life, to which he responded about finding structure and balancing opposites, which means you get what you put in life.

Zac reencountered the days he would wake up and the first thing he would do is Google himself, and when he lost all of his hobbies because he was scared of being followed all around, which according to him changed dramatically after he realized that he wasn’t really being himself and that seeing you through other people’s pictures is not how you should live your own life.

He also talked about his parents, who he said loved him in very different ways. He said that his father taught him how to be driven, sharing moments when his dad would encourage him when he was a kid.

Zac wrapped up the interview with him reminiscing about the time he went face-to-face with a shark in Hawaii with some researchers. The moment was special for Zac as he said that it is the moment he crossed “the line of fear” that leads to greatness.

He said that he had two choices: to turn around and go back to the boat, or to look at the shark’s eyes to let him know that he is there. He chose the latter and said that the shark went past through him, and was told by the researchers that it was a sign of respect.

Photo Courtesy: Facebook/ Zac Efron

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