Zoo Season 2 Episode 5 predicts Jamie, Logan shocked with Caraquet’s state, Chloe survives; Episode 4 recap

Zoo Season 2 Episode 5 predicts Chloe to survive and Jamie and Logan make it to Caraquet
Zoo Season 2 episode 5 predicts Jamie and Logan shocked in the current state in Caraquet. Chloe is also predicted to survive in the next episode as well.

Albeit mystery on how will the next episode will be, Zoo Season 2 certainly continues to enthrall its fans with Jamie and Logan’s arrival in Caraquet. Spoilers revealed they didn’t expect its refuge. In fact, they’re horrified.

Various sources mentioned that Zoo Season 2 Episode 5 predicts Jamie and Logan’s horrifying experiences when arriving at Caraquet. They were not able to expect its current state.

“Jamie and Logan arrive in Caraquet but are horrified to find it’s not the refuge they hope for. Also, after the team gets a lead on Jamie’s location, they eagerly head to Caraquet in the hopes of reuniting with her,” the show’s episode synopsis stated.

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According to Catermatt, the promises in which Jamie and Logan hoped for before arriving were set to be broken in the next episode. However, it is not revealed to what this “current state” they are talking about.

This speculation suggests to Chloe as well. The same source stated that her fate remains in question and everyone is worried about it.

This hints that every character would die at any given moment in the show. In general, there is no clear clue on how the progress of the story will go for Zoo Season 2.

In the meantime, CBS confirmed that they will not pursue plans on having notorious animal trainer Michael Hackenberger in the show. This is made after former “Price is Right” host and longtime animal activist Bob Parker appealed to the network.

“As former host of the longest-running show on CBS, I am writing to you after hearing from my friends at PETA that your network continues to allow wild animals to be used on ‘Zoo,’ despite learning that, when used for entertainment, big cats and other animals are torn away from their mothers, subjected to abusive training methods, and locked inside tiny cages,” he said.

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“I urge you to end this exploitation and adopt a network-wide policy banning the use of wild animals in future CBS programming,” Parker added.

In response to this call, CBS released their official statement. “We have the greatest respect for PETA and its cause. The health, safety and welfare of animals in our care during filming continues to be our highest priority,” the network wrote via Entertainment Weekly. 

Zoo Season 2 airs every Tuesday 9 pm on CBS.

Photo courtesy: Facebook.com/ZooCBS

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