‘Zootopia’ tops Allegiant in weekend box office race

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Photo Courtesy :Alpha Baymax/Disney Wikia.com

Disney animated movie “Zootopia” maintained its hold of the top spot in the weekend box office race for the third straight week.

In a report published in Forbes, the Walt Disney flick added another $38 million to its overall gross as it breached the $200 million mark domestically. The $38 million makes it the second biggest third weekend in history for a film that did not breach the $100 million opening day gross. It is next to all-time leader “Avatar” with $68 million and ahead of “Skyfall’s” $35 million third week gross.

Among Walt Disney’s animated flicks, “Zootopia” has now passed “Tangled” but still trails Big Hero 6 and Frozen which earned $222 million and $400 million on its third week, respectively. As for its worldwide gross, it is projected that “Zootopia” will end the week at $591.7 million as it made $103 million worldwide and already made $173 million in China alone.

Coming in at no. 2 in the weekend box office is the sequel to the “Divergent” movie “Allegiant” which earned $29 million during the weekend. This marked a dip in the opening weekend of the previous films of the franchise. “Divergent” opened at $54.6 million in 2014 while “Insurgent” kicked off its first week with $52.3 million in 2015. The series follows the adventure of heroine Tris as she rebels against the fascist system that rules Chicago.

Coming in at third is the faith-based film “Miracles from Heaven” starring Jennifer Garner. The movie made $15.8 million over the weekend, putting it on track to becoming the fourth biggest opening for a faith-based film.

At fourth spot is Paramount Pictures’ “10 Cloverfield Lane.” The sequel to the 2008 film Cloverfield, starring John Goodman and Mary Elizabeth Winstead, made $12 million. It opened with $25 million last weekend.

At fifth spot, Ryan Reynolds is still surviving in the box office adding another $8 million last weekend. To date, “Deadpool” is projected to hit the $350 million mark by Sunday.

Rounding out the Top 10 for this weekend’s box office race are : “London Has Fallen”; “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot”; “The Perfect Match”; “The Brothers Grimsby”; and “The Revenant.”

Photo Courtesy: Alpha Baymax/Disney Wikia.com

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