3 Hillary Clinton quotes every nurse should question; Nurses are ‘overpaid maids’

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Latest controversial Hillary Clinton quotes every nurse should ponder. ANA remains supportive to Democratic Party nominee despite political controversy.

As the US Presidential elections 2016 are nearing, more Hillary Clinton controversies are rising to the public as rival Donald Trump uses her controversial quotes again to attack her.

Recently, the classic Hillary Clinton quotes that once made every American nurse question their status became the most talked about topic this year. Some of these quotations were misunderstood and were taken out of context.

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According to Snopes, Clinton’s rivals, especially the Republican Party nominee Donald Trump, took advantage of these public declarations and made the same issues from her statements again. The source mentioned that back in February 2008, Clinton voluntarily and sincerely apologized to the nurses hurt by these controversial lines uttered 16 years ago.

The same source added that there were some of Clinton’s statements which were back in 1990s used as well. There were other lines that were proved false after the party challenged the accusations’ authenticity. The majority of these lines lacked evidence as there were no proof that Clinton cited them on public.

However, many didn’t expect that her rivals used these same statements today. Others thought that these lines were merely chunks from the whole paragraph of Clinton’s speech, such as her June 18, 1993 speech in front of the panel of governors in Woodstock, Vermont, Hillary Clinton Quarterly noted.

Hereunder are the lines Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton quotes nurses:

  • Nurses are glorified babysitters.
  • Nurses are under-educated, overpaid maids.
  • Nurses are nothing but doctor’s handmaidens.

Despite the allegations, American Nurses Association (ANA) continued to shower the Democratic Party nominee their endless support to her presidency. The organization believed she represented the best traits to represent for the nation’s millions of registered nurses.

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“Hillary Clinton has been a nurse champion and health care advocate throughout her career and believes empowering nurses [are] good for patients and good for the country. We need a president that will make it a priority to transform the country’s health care system into one that is high quality, affordable and accessible,” president of ANA, Pamela F. Cipriano, PhD, RN, NEa-BC, FAAN, said.

As of now, Morning News USA noted the present rumors, saying that Donald Trump might make use of these controversial statements during the nearing presidential debates.

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