Hillary Clinton lesbian and had poor hygiene, claims Bill Clinton’s ex-mistress

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As the presidential election nears, the mudslinging between the two camps continues to heighten. Recently, Dolly Kyle, the self-confessed ex-mistress of Bill Clinton confirmed that Hillary Clinton is a lesbian and had terrible hygiene when she first met him.

Kyle, 68, said that she and Bill grew up together and started dating in high school. After she and her husband divorced in 1974, they had a long-standing affair which ended when the media started snooping into their affair. At that time Bill threatened to destroy her if she cooperated with the media she said in an interview with the Daily Mail.

She also revealed during the interview that when she first met Hillary, she had very terrible hygiene with greasy hair and a very repulsive odor emitting from her. At that time, Hillary was also wearing matronly clothes and couldn’t believe that it was the girl Bill said he moved in two years earlier.

Bill also admitted at the time he confessed to Kyle that he was moving in with Hillary in Yale that it would be the end of his sex life. He even mocked Hillary in front of his close friends and gave her the nickname, ‘The Warden.’ Evidently, the two still got married for political reasons.

It was also the same reason why Bill decided to have a child with Hillary. Kyle said that Bill told her during their secret rendezvous in 1979 that he must have a baby with Hillary in order to quash any rumors about Hillary’s alleged ‘lifestyle’ and to make them look like a normal couple.

Kyle said that Bill didn’t say outright that Hillary was a lesbian but ‘everybody in Little Rock knew the same rumors about Hillary being a lesbian as they did about Billy being a lech.’

Hillary’s sexual orientation has been the subject of many queries and rumors, which was further fueled by her close friendship with her long-time friend and close aide Huma Abedin. Many are questioning the fact that although both women are trapped in an unhappy marriage with wayward husbands, they still stick it out and find solace with each other.

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