‘Ape in heel’ comment about Michelle Obama- Power no more

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'Ape in heel' comment
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It is amazing what power can do. From racist yes-men and in this case women, power brings out the beast in man. President Obama will lose the chair soon and Donald Trump will grace the Oval Office. What better way to celebrate than to give out an ‘Ape in heel’ comment about Michelle Obama. All in the name of Great America.

Pamela Ramsey Taylor is the director of the Clay County Development Corporation in West Virginia who sought her 15 minutes of social media fame through the expression of her desire to see a beautiful, classy and dignified first lady. It should be noted here that class and dignity are concepts with much depth and mere superficial appearances do not suffice to make a person classy or dignified. Ms. Taylor also expressed a keen displeasure at having to see an ‘Ape in heel’ for the previous two terms.

The mayor, Beverley Whaling too expressed a keen desire to join in on this dubious charade by saying that the post just made her day.

The outrage was widespread and its effects, spontaneous- Ms. Taylor lost her position as reported by NY Daily News. A petition against the two women with the end of firing both has already gathered 85,000 signatures. Ms. Taylor also tried her hand at politics by deleting the post but by that time its screenshots had gone viral.

In her defense, Ms. Taylor told Washington Post “I was referring to my day being made for the change in the White House! I am truly sorry for any hard feeling this may have caused! Those who know me know that I’m not of any way racist!” She also interestingly plans to sue those slandering her. It is not known whether her libel case will be against the whole 85,000 signatures or to all those who oppose racism.

The saner elements of American society watch with disbelief as the incident is just the first of many expected ones that are to signify the Trump era. Michelle Obama is not ‘Ape in heel’ but Trump supporters are definitely “Achilles Heel” to the saner Trump.

Picture Courtesy: USICH/Vimeo

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