Boxing News: Donald Trump’s ideals opposite of what Canelo vs. Khan fight is about: De La Hoya, Sulaiman

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Trump (Photo courtesy: David Shankbone/Wikimedia Commons)

Canelo Alvarez will face Amir Khan in May later this year in a fight that is expected to be a war. However, Mauricio Sulaiman, the president of the World Boxing Council (WBC), said in the recent Canelo vs. Khan promotional press conference that the theme of the bout will be about “peace and inclusion” and is seen as an indirect attack to Donald Trump and his ideals.

Antony Riccobono of the International Business Times (IBT) first noted about the differences in the messages of the WBC president and Trump, considered as the leading presidential candidate for the Republican Party.

“We have Catholic and Muslim fighters coming together,” Sulaiman said via the article. “We will plant an olive tree near the [new T-Mobile] Arena as a symbol of the peace and unity that the world needs.”

Oscar De La Hoya, the former fighter and now promoter for Alvarez and Khan agreed with Sulaiman and stated that the May bout will be more than just boxing but also celebrating the great fight between the Mexican Canelo and British Khan. De La Hoya previously criticized Donald Trump in previous interviews.

“This is a perfect moment for everybody to celebrate a special night on Cinco de Mayo Weekend. What Sulaiman did with the peace tree and with the pope … this is all about being positive and celebrating a great weekend on Cinco de Mayo and celebrating a great fight. So whatever else is happening around the world, so be it. But we’re going to be celebrating a special occasion on that weekend,” De La Hoya added.

Back in the mid-2015, De La Hoya was asked about Trump and he criticized the presidential candidate.

“It’s terrible what he’s saying, and what he stands for. I’m shocked. I am really shocked,” De La Hoya said then. “Go out and vote. Go out and vote. Because your vote counts. And, obviously, do not vote for Donald Trump,” De La Hoya said in 2015.

Watch the full interview of De La Hoya about Trump’s statements below:

(Video courtesy: YouTube/ESNews)

The controversial Trump is still leading the Republican nomination despite the criticisms he has received in recent months. These include comments made against Mexicans and Muslims, which many consider as racist statements.

De La Hoya is a Mexican-American who was born in Los Angeles, California but whose parents moved from Mexico to the United States before he was born.

Photo courtesy: David Shankbone/Wikimedia Commons

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