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Demolition job against President Rodrigo Duterte fails; Alleged witness and former DDS telling imaginary details

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Photo courtesy: Presidential Communications Operations Office/Wikimedia Commons

Edgar Matobato, a witness, and self-confessed hitman, gave some confusing information about the alleged involvement of President Rodrigo Duterte to the Davao Death Squad (DDS) and extrajudicial killings in a Senate hearing on Thursday.

Most people, including some Senators, are not convinced about the credibility of a supposed Davao Death Squad member, who was behind several extrajudicial killings in Davao City during the term of President Rodrigo Duterte as a Mayor. Edgar Matobato revealed they were instructed to kill Duterte’s enemies, including the ex-body guards of Nograles’ father, former House Speaker Prospero Nograles in 2010.

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However, Davao City 1st District Representative Karlo Nograles denied Matobato’s statement, saying none of their supporters was killed due to politics.

“I don’t know what this guy is talking about. From the time I was chief-of-staff to the time I was elected as congressman, no supporter of ours or persons under our employ was ever killed due to politics,” said Nograles on Thursday, September 15.

Another statement that tested the credibility of Edgar Matobato was when he said the wrong location where Cebu hotelier Richard King was killed. Matobato narrated that King was shot at the McDonald’s restaurant, but Senator Panfilo Lacson confirmed that the businessman was killed inside the Vital C Building in Obrero, Davao City, while he was in a meeting with distributors.

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Edgar Matobato also claimed that among they supposedly killed was international terrorist Salik Makdum. During the Senate hearing, Senator Panfilo Lacson tried to google Makdum’s name but no information was shown. The Armed Forces of the Philippines, who holds vital information about local and international terrorists penetrating the country, said that they have no record of Salik Makdum.

The self-confessed hitman said that he was a former military in Davao but after checking the records the AFP revealed that there is no Edgar Matobato on their list.

“Based on the records of the Philippine Army, there is no Edgar Matobato in their records whether as a regular Army personnel or a member of the CAFGU.” AFP public affairs chief Colonel Edgard Arevalo told reporters on Friday.

Many people believed that there is a political motive behind the Senate hearing on extrajudicial killings. While President Rodrigo Duterte is yet to give his statement, there are people like Senator Allan Peter Cayetano, who continue to protect Duterte against individuals who want to steal the Malacañang.

Photo courtesy: Presidential Communications Operations Office/Wikimedia Commons

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