Donald Trump a big scam, just like his Trump University

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Photo courtesy: Michael Vadon/Wikipedia.org

Donald Trump, the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party, will have some explaining to do regarding the cases filed against the Trump University. Despite claims by many of its attendees that Trump University was a scam, Donald Trump defends its legitimacy.

How could it have been legit, when the use of the term university itself is being contested? It did not issue diplomas nor offer academic degrees.

Despite its claims to offer graduate programs, a doctorate program, and post-graduate program attendees claim it was no more than just a marketing machine. It was composed of salespeople, who were trying to sell the notion that people will be taught about Donald Trump’s business strategies and insights.

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Donald Trump was made aware of these violations but took no heed to it.

It first started as an online course, but later shifted into classrooms and offering 3-day seminars. Whenever each course ended, the instructors would tell enrollees that they needed to pay for another course to better understand business and real estate strategies.

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It was allegedly a classic bait-and-switch scheme. Elite programs started at $35,000 per person.

New York Attorney General Erick Schneiderman says, “Thousands of people paid millions of dollars believing that he would tell them his real estate secrets.”

“And we know from his own sworn testimony … that he didn’t write the curriculum – none of them were his secrets.”

A third-party company prepared them all. In fact, Donald Trump had never visited nor took part in any of those seminars. The closest an enrollee could get to him was having a life-size picture of Trump at the end of a course.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton has released a parody infomercial mocking the whole program.

Trump U was eventually forced to refund nearly half of its 6,698 attendees of the $1,495 three-day program. A former salesman is pursuing a class-action suit on behalf of dissatisfied enrollees.

Donald Trump maintains that Trump University received positive reviews online from BBB [Better Business Bureau], but there was no truth to this either.

Even if he wins the presidency, Donald Trump may be summoned by the courts to answer for civil trials against him. But given his poor economic and foreign policies, comments on racism and misogyny, why should he even get there?

Photo courtesy: Michael Vadon/Wikipedia

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