Donald Trump gets roasted on Twitter with hilarious tweets of Trump TV

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Many people have been suspicious of US presidential aspirant Donald Trump’s decision to run for president since the start of the election. With his many tantrums and scandals, it has been widely speculated that he is not really interested in winning the presidential elections, rather, he is just building up a fan base for support of his personal brand.

The suspicions became reality for some people, especially from Tweeple, when the Financial Times reported recently that Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and virtual Trump campaign manager, is in talks with Aryeh Bourkoff, chief executive of LionTree and one of the top media dealmakers, about creating a Trump network after the election.

Twitter had a field day with the recent report, from the hilarious to the conspiracy theory types. A series of tweets are posted below:

Some people pointed out that Trump TV makes little sense from a business perspective:

However, most people brought out their creative side, posting funny tweets and even made parodies and videos. Some people even made mock television schedules if ever Trump TV became operational.

However, it seems that the future is becoming more real as all evidence points out that if ever Trump loses the election, a media venture is not an unlikely option for the business mogul. It has been widely-known that Trump has surrounded himself with people who has experience with running a media empire and has monetized right-wing discontent.

The inclusion of Roger Ailes to the Trump campaign proves the theory. Ailes is a former founder and chief executive of Fox News who was kicked out of his position after his sexual harassment accusations became public.

Trump has also had Steve Bannon as chief executive of the Trump campaign. Bannon is the former executive chairman Breitbart News LLC, the parent company of alt right news outlet Breitbart.

With these two executives, along with Kushner, who also is a budding media entrepreneur who owns the New York Observer, a Trump network could be a reality in the future.

Whatever the US election results may be, it seems Donald Trump will be laughing his way to the bank.

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