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Picture Courtesy: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

Apparently “winning big” does not squarely mean that their leader has the final word for the supporters of Donald Trump. It also means having the freedom to instigate people without reason, trying to give a physical blow or two to actors just for the fun of it. Remember how Trump in the initial period of his campaign publicly claimed that he would order federal authorities to carry out acts which are beyond the bounds of the law?

Well, that order of chaos is here and only time will tell how America will emerge from its Trump tryst.

Minorities are an easy lot to take on. But Kumail Nanjiani, the actor from “Silicon Valley” resorted to his Twitter account in order to highlight the crisis that lies ahead of “Great America.” He tweeted Saturday that two vehement Trump supporters tried to incite him to a fight at a bar.

The Twitter thread posted by the actor on Saturday reveals that he was accompanied by fellow “Silicon Valley” actor Thomas Middleditch at the particular bar when two white men made an approach towards them and tried to start a discussion centering on exactly how wrong they were as far as Donald Trump was concerned.

When the two actors in a show of wisdom refused to be dragged into the matter, the two men supposedly started to call and mock them as “cucks”

Incidentally, the term “cuck” has made its way into the white dictionary to mean weakness.

But, before things took a nasty turn a bouncer showed the two men, the way out. The bartender also expressed his apologies

To quote from Twitter “This happened at a bar in LA surrounded by ppl. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be someone who looks like me in other parts.”

We can sum the entire Trump episode and that of his supporters as in Nanjiani’s words “We can’t let hate/racism/bigotry/sexism be normalized. If something happens, be safe, but let it be known we won’t stand for this,” Buzzfeed reports.

He further continued “Many ppl are like ‘just cuz I voted for Trump doesn’t mean I’m racist/sexist.’ Ok, but at best, you ignored it, you overlooked it.”

Picture Courtesy: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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