Fidel Castro Death: America can be Great again, finally!

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Fidel Castro Death: America can be Great again, finally!
Image courtesy: Presidential Press and Information Office / Wikimedia Commons

American-hating Cuban Communist leader and former President Fidel Castro succumbed to age on Friday. The Cuban state television broadcaster announced Castro’s death. Even at the age of 90 years, Castro remained the last man standing between US’s capitalistic interests and communism that pushed his country into a Civil war in 1959.

The Death of a Revolutionary: Why it matters so much

Way back in 1973, Fidel Castro knew what is going to happen in the USA. “The United States will come and talk to us when it has a black president and the world has a Latin American pope.” From a zealot to a messiah of socialism, Castro changed more American lives than the likes of Carter, Reagan and Bush.

Fidel Castro is an apostle of Communist revolution that brought the US on its knees in the 60s. For close to five decades, the Spanish-Cuban defied American supremacy despite multiple assassination bids, economic sanctions and counter revolutions. He managed to survive the onslaught of 11 US presidents who always put highest reward on his capture.

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With US on the brink of a new revolution in its own backyard, Fidel Castro’s death has a higher symbolic importance for the Americans than their President itself.

The Death that was known to Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro made his last public appearance in April 2016. He was accompanied by his brother Raúl Castro. Raúl is the President of the Council of Ministers and successor of Fidel Castro. In his last speech to the nation, Fidel Castro had assured his compatriots and communist revolutionaries to seek dignity and morality in their political fight against growing capitalist interest. He acknowledged that his death is lurking close. The prophecy came true on Friday at 10:29 PM.

To leave a historic signature on global politics, Fidel Castro met Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese Head of State Xi Jinping before his 90th birthday. However, he did not live long enough to see the annulment of the US’s economic embargo imposed on Cuba.

What Fidel Castro’s death means to the US?

Fidel Castro remained a highly revered communist revolutionary all his life. Thanks to his half-century innings in politics, US could never vanquish Cuban dreams. His idea of Socialist Cuba remained the pet topic for most Cold-War critics and capitalists who eyed Havana as their piggy bank.

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Barack Obama announced that he will re-establish all diplomatic ties with Cuba in December. In October, USA lifted all restrictions on Cuban rums and cigars. In 2017, traveling to Cuba and establishing trading ties with them will become easier for all Americans. It is an attempt to make US’s opening to Cuba irreversible.

Cuba’s Maximo Lider may have succumbed to death but his socialist ideas will remain popular. Will Donald Trump re-ignite American interest in Cuba again? Will America finally take a shot at greatness again!

Image courtesy: Presidential Press and Information Office / Wikimedia Commons

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