HBO joins bandwagon in condemning Manny Pacquiao for anti-gay slur

HBO has now joined millions of those condemning Manny Pacquiao’s anti-gay comments, however they will still continue to air his fight against Timothy Bradley on April 9 which will be live at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

In a statement HBO stated that Pacquiao’s comments on same-sex marriage and towards the LGBT community was “insensitive, offensive and deplorable.”

“We felt it important to leave no uncertainty about our position on Mr. Pacquiao’s recent comments toward the LGBTQ community.  We consider them insensitive, offensive and deplorable. HBO has been a proud home to many LGBTQ stories and couldn’t approach this event without clearly voicing our opinion,” HBO said.

Despite condemning Pacquiao’s slur, HBO says that they will still air the upcoming third edition of the Pacquiao-Bradley match on pay-per-view as they have an obligation to both fighters.

“Next month Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley Jr. are scheduled to meet in a Pay-Per-View bout. We have an obligation to both fighters and, therefore, will proceed to produce and distribute that event,” HBO added.

The fight is said to the retirement door for the “People’s Champ,” who is also seeking a seat in the Philippine Senate. Aside from HBO, many others have voice out their dismay on the comment made by eight-division world champion such as professional wrestler Batista, Ronda Rousey and even Pacquiao’s promoter Bob Arum. The comment also led for Nike to cut ties with “Kid Kulafu.”

Pacquiao has already issued an apology for his statement but still stands by his belief and views about homosexuality.

Pacquiao is currently in General Santos City for his training for his fight against Bradley and in between schedules would go around the Philippines campaigning for his stint in Philippine politics.

Aside from his woes with the LGBT community, Pacquiao also stumbles on a roadblock to his political career as the Philippine Commission on Elections (COMELEC) has summoned him to explain why he should not be disqualify from the elections on May 9.

The Commission believes that with Pacquiao’s fight, he gains an advantage against his rivals as the fight is being promoted all over the world and there was a proposal to move the fight after the elections.

Photo Courtesy: inboundpass/Wikimedia

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