#HillaryGropedMe: Trump supporters are winning in the mudslinging war

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YouTuber and Trump supporter Prissy Holly created a hilarious video where she played the role of a ‘victim’ of Hillary Clinton’s sexual advances which became viral and started the #HillaryGropedMe hashtag which, in itself, became a trending topic as well. The popularity of the video and the hashtag is evidence that Trump supporters are winning the mudslinging game.

Video Courtesy: Prissy Holly/YouTube

Many are jumping into the popularity of the #HillaryGropedMe bandwagon that it has jumped from number four to become the No. 1 trending topic on Twitter. Its popularity surpassed the #NextFakeTrumpVictim showing that Trump supporters will do anything to combat what they believe is black propaganda against the GOP candidate.

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The mudslinging war got hotter when The New York Times released a story which featured two of Trump’s supposed victims of sexual abuse. After that, more and more women began to step out claiming that they too have been sexually harassed by the billionaire and Republican frontrunner.

Trump supporters fought back and took to social media, especially on Twitter, where they attacked the New York Times and said the allegations were fake. There were several exposés already regarding the supposed victims. The latest was the video by Holly.

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In the video, Holly was crying as she recounts how Hillary sexually “assaulted” her while she was on an airplane going to Washington for an assignment. She began her story saying, “With all the women breaking their silence about how they were victimized by Donald Trump, it’s given me the courage to come forward with the horrifying thing Hillary Clinton did to me 10 years ago.”

“As soon as I saw her great, big yellow teeth, I knew exactly who it was,” she continued describing the encounter.

After that, the “accusations” became more and more hilarious complete with more vivid descriptions. As the video gained traction and became viral it inspired numerous memes and quotes describing their own “HillaryGropedMe stories. Now, all eyes are on the Clinton camp as to what their answer will be against this.

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