White House Rumor: Melanie Trump and Mrs. O are new BFFs in the Town

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Melanie Trump and Mrs. O are new BFFs in the Town
Image Courtesy: Marc Nozell / Wikimedia Commons

Keeping up with the traditions at the White House, the outgoing President Barrack Obama invited the newly elected Donald Trump over a cup of tea. However, there was another meeting that hogged the interest all over the internet.

Melania Trump and Michelle Obama, the two queen bees more than exchanged their greetings on a day filled with somberness and doom elsewhere in the USA. The “girls” toured the White House together and gossiped on what it feels to be in the Oval Room. Could this be the new White Office romance or was it just another subtle Obama-esque modesty?

Melania Trump, since the time she became a permanent US citizen in 2006, has had a rather glamorous journey so far. Compared to Jackie Kennedy, Melania is seen as someone who will bring the fashion limelights back to White House.

While her husband Donald Trump was taking down media houses and celebrities supporting Hillary Clinton, Melania Trump herself was busy exchanging her insights on what she intends to do when she becomes the First Lady of the United States of America. And who better to talk to than the most colorful lady in the country to have ever occupied the White House, Michelle Obama.

Melania Knauss, a former pin-up model hails from Slovenia, and like millions of settlers in the USA, has earned her footing and fulfilled her dreams. Born to a Communist father, it is evident that Melania’s tryst with politics began very early. And, speculations are rife that the talks with Mrs. Obama would have made her revisit the nostalgia nonetheless.

What’s interesting is that Melania’s son Barron will be the first male child to grow up in the White House since JFK Junior. The laughs and the smiles reveal that Mrs. Trump was excited about seeing her son grow up at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

While the internet is full of mockery that tried to read the picture from the Yellow Oval Room, it is certain that both ladies have reached a truce and given their common interest for fashion and community campaigns, there is more reason than one to bond like BFFs.

Wearing a restrained expression, Michelle Obama wore a purple dress with tangerine curves designed by Cuban designer, Narciso Rodriguez, an immigrant himself; a sublime representation of the Democrats and the battle against Trump’s campaign.

Melania Trump, on the other hand, graced the occasion in black dress, spelling the funeral for the Democrats at the White House!  Color diplomacy notwithstanding, the tea and banter mellowed the mood, after few deep discussions on what it takes to be a First Lady.

After all that is left of American courtesy displayed since November 9, expecting Mrs. O and Melania Trump to be the new BFFs in the town will set the country on a “friendly” journey in days to come.

Image Courtesy: Marc Nozell / Wikimedia Commons

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