New ISIS video threatens to attack San Francisco, LGBT community

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The LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) community’s pride celebration on Sunday has attracted a bigger police force in San Francisco compared to the past years. But it is not the usual controversies, such as the battle for gay rights that has caused, the bigger presence, as it is reported to have a 25% increase in the police force in the area.

More security has been added to the area, as it has only been two weeks since the Orlando shooting. Omar Mateen, the attacker who pledged allegiance to the terror group ISIS, was reportedly homophobic and was mainly triggered by his anger against the sight of men kissing that led him into a rampage leaving 49 people dead.

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ISIS publicly lauded Mateen’s actions. The terror group’s stance against gays is hardly a secret, as CNN reports how they are persecuted, shot, thrown off buildings, burned and stoned to death, and identified as evil.

A new video has surfaced yesterday that further shows ISIS’ acknowledgment of Omar Mateen as one of their own, glorifying his attacks against gays in Pulse nightclub last June 12.

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The said video shows images of San Francisco landmarks, the Golden Gate Bridge, Financial District and Powell Street. After the showing the Bay area images comes the message:

“Arise, o Muslims and kill the unbelievers in their own homes.”

Despite the intensified attacks against ISIS in the Middle East, the CIA has warned U.S. Congress about its ability to mutate elsewhere.  In fact, it feels the group is branching out and becoming stronger in countries like Libya.

It is using the Internet as an effective tool for reaching out to new followers elsewhere, such as the case of Mateen in the Orlando Shooting. They may not have had any direct dealings with it, in the planning, but they are able to sway supporters to commit terrorist acts.

Police believe this new video aims to encourage pro-ISIS people to wage violence against the LGBT community.

David Shepherd, a security expert said, “The one that picks the cities are them, and we have to stay vigilant always under all cities; not just here. It’s not just a big city war; it’s not just the eastern United States.  It affects the entire country.”


Photo courtesy: Day Donaldson/Flickr.com

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