US Election results: How Newsweek made Hillary Clinton ‘Madam President’ for 72 hours

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Newsweek Mistake: How Hillary Clinton became "Madam President" for 5 days last week
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Expectations can make people do crazy things. If Hillary Clinton would have won the November 9, 2016 US elections, she would have done a hell lot of good to the media industry. Alas, things have been rough and hard for the pro-Clinton followers.

However, there is one strangely obtuse phenomenon that occurred last week when popular weekly news magazine, Newsweek had to recall 125,000 copies back to the press! Why? Well, the Newsweek not only made Hillary Clinton the “Madam President”, but also led its distributors into believing it.

125,000 copies of Newsweek’ latest edition were recalled from leading books stalls and newsstands from across the country on Thursday. Madam President: Hillary Clinton’s historic journey to the White House.” Probably, the editors went “high” with the printing and distribution before the US Elections, expecting to double their sales and revenue with the populism mindset that has rocked the US recently. For now, the “Madam President” will be a collector’s item for many Democrats, not wanting to face the reality, ever since Donald Trump swept the US Elections.

Whose line is it anyway? It was Newsweek licensee, Topix Media that went ahead with the press and distribution much before the election results were declared. Admitting to the rather amusing gaffe, Tony Romando said, “Like everyone else, we got it wrong too.” The CEO of Topix Media, a Newsweek partner took the blame for the national recall, despite it being a common practice of printing two edition covers in such events. So far, only 17 copies of the mistaken edition were sold.

On Twitter, the mistake was trolled for the rest of the week, even as the Washington Post and the Intercept took a jibe at Newsweek’s “Madam President” and labeled as a media-political nexus that deceives the public. This is not the first time Newsweek has jumped the gun. In November 1948, its infamous “Dewey Defeats Truman” headline on the front page of the Chicago Daily Tribune embarrassed many a readers. As it turned out, incumbent President Truman pulled a shocking win over Dewey.

The recall of the Madam President edition is indeed a sad, shoddy end to a disastrous candidacy that the Democrats offered. Meanwhile, Romando still believes that the Trump edition will clearly become its highest selling edition ever.

Image courtesy: Wikimedia commons

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