Philippine president Duterte accused of being a ‘mass murderer’

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Photo courtesy: Presidential Communications Operations Office/Wikimedia Commons

Less than a year into being elected as the Philippine president, Rodrigo Duterte is being accused of being a “mass murderer” by a fellow high government official in his country.

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV stated in a Senate privilege speech on Monday that the president’s alleged links to the “Davao Death Squad” (DDS), a vigilante-style group accused of many murders the past decade, is hard to ignore.

“Now that we have seen the different corroborating evidence on the testimony of Mr. Edgar Matobato, we are faced with a very frightening prospect – that of having a mass murderer as president of the country,” Trillanes stated via Rappler.com.

Matobato is an alleged and a self-confessed hitman for “DDS”. He stated in previous Senate hearings that Duterte is the mastermind of the group while he was a mayor in Davao City, a province in the Southern Philippines.

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Trillanes is also the same senator who compared Duterte to being the “Pablo Escobar of the Philippines”. Escobar is the infamous drug lord in Colombia who was killed in the early 90s after his battle with the government for his various alleged and proven crimes committed including drug trafficking, murder and assassinations.

Trillanes said that Duterte’s style is like that of Escobar for the “methods they employed on anybody” for the people who are against their groups.

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Trillanes also moved that the Senate investigate their president to the alleged links to the “death squad”. It’s not clear if the Senate chamber will act on the investigation since most of the Senators are considered backers of Duterte.

Photo courtesy: Presidential Communications Operations Office/Wikimedia

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