Philippine presidential candidate’s son in trouble for purchasing FAKE Nike Mag 10 shoes

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For those who are not familiar with Philippine Politics, it can really get dirty! Now that the campaign for the next Philippine president is on its way, each candidate has their own taste of black propaganda.

In this case, son of Presidential Candidate, Grace Poe is under the heat of the Filipino netizens who went crazy upon seeing the purchase a pair of Nike Mag 10 shoes which they allegedly assumed that it costs $19,999.99 according to a viral article.


Corruption has always been one of the biggest stories that anyone can throw to degrade the candidate’s image in the Philippines and writers would find ways to prove it — thus, even if it means looking through the wardrobe of the candidate’s family members.

This scenario is familiar with the case of Janet Lim-Napoles – a person charged for stealing Philippine government funds – with her daughter Jeane Napoles, who flaunted an expensive lifestyle in her social media accounts.

In reality, for those who knows sneakers well, it is obvious that the shoe has not been mass produced and is yet to be launched.

The shoe’s expensive nature is due the popularity of the 80’s movie, Back to the Future 2, wherein lead character Marty McFly went 30 years into the future – which is October 21, 2015 – and had a pair of futuristic shoes from Nike that popularly ties its own shoe laces.


30 years after the movie was launched, Nike made a move to replicate the shoe and make it a reality.

Launched on October 21, 2015 – the demand for the shoe skyrocketed and the limited edition shoe that were sold online were sold in a ridiculous price that only the rich shoe collector.

With the demand, the Nike Mag Shoe 10 will mas produce the sneaker and before it hits the shelves in 2016, it had its attempts to be replicated. The replica shoe is currently sold through the black market at $98.99. A shoe that the son of Grace Poe purchased and flaunted.



imageThis response of the Filipino netizens could be a case of over reaction that was caused by black propaganda or insufficient research on the part of the writer of the article.

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