President Donald Trump: Russia, China, Iran positive about future US relations

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After a neck-to-neck race with Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, it is now official. Donald Trump has won the presidency and is now the 45th President of the United States. The United States and then global community are divided between their sentiments about Trump’s win. Russia, China, and Iran were those who are optimistic about the Trump win.

Russian strongman Vladimir Putin sent Trump a congratulatory telegram shortly after the Republican candidate was declared the winner. He also expressed his optimism that the Russian-US relations will improve in the days to come. Putin is not alone with his optimism as Sergei Markov, a pro-Moscow political analyst said that with the Trump, win, the US will agree with Russia regarding its stand on Syria. He also said that with Trump revealing his plans to focus more on strengthening the domestic front means the Ukrainian rebels will receive less backing.

On the other hand, the editor in chief of Russia’s Echo of Moscow radio, Alexei Venediktov said that some serious leaders will realize that there are unpredictable times ahead. He also added that Putin hates unpredictability and Trump is unpredictable. He recalled how the Kremlin was thrown into a loop when Boris Johnson became Britain’s foreign secretary. He also said that Trump’s stand on the Baltics will also be interesting to learn in the days ahead.

In Iran, the first to react to the Trump presidency was the atomic energy agency. The spokesman for the agency said that Tehran continued to abide by the nuclear deal made last year. They also said that Iran is “prepared for all kinds of change” and will continue to implement the nuclear agreement.

Aside from the assurance, the Iranian government saw Trump’s victory as the vindication of what the country’s supreme leader AyatollahAli Khamenei said a week ago that Trump is the only candidate who was telling the truth. This is also the reason why people pay attention to him.

Meanwhile, the Chinese government also extended their congratulations and said that they are looking forward to working with the new administration. Lu Kang, a spokesperson for China’s foreign ministry said that they will continue to work with the US to ensure a strong and steady bilateral relation.

The Xinhua news agency said that Trump’s win is an indication that the American people are “rebelling against the US political class and financial elites.”

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