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Taking down Donald Trump: Trump’s Hollywood star smashed and culprit charged

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Trump's Hollywood star smashed
Picture Courtesy: mark.watmough/Flickr

Hate apparently begets nothing but hate. Donald Trump, perhaps anticipated that his preaching of hate will earn him some as well. But Trump in his 4-year tenure might get far more than what he had bargained for. That is at least what the indications going by events happening in the U.S. But on Oct. 26, a 52-year-old tried to have Trump’s Hollywood star smashed.


Trump’s Hollywood star smashed


Prosecutors charged the 52-year-old with felony vandalism for trying to destroy Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. James Lambert Otis, the 52-year-old man was caught on tape doing the act. He took a pick ax along with a sledgehammer to Trump’s star and before long he was smashing away at it wildly. At the time of the incident, Otis was wearing a construction worker’s vest and a hard hat during the act. The president-elect’s reactions to having Trump’s Hollywood star smashed is not known.


The intentions of the culprit


Otis revealed in Deadline Hollywood that he intended to remove the star, but could only manage to have Trump’s Hollywood star smashed. According to the Los Angeles Attorney’s office, Otis could be in prison for up to three years in the case of a conviction,  he was put under custody the day after the incident of Trump’s Hollywood star smashed took place.


He was released after posting bond. He told reporters outside the LA jail that he felt compelled “to do it.”


Why he did it


KTLA quoted Otis as saying “To make myself feel whole and to be part of the democratic process, I had to do the nonviolent action. I admitted my mistakes and am now dealing with the consequences, unlike Mr. Trump, who has never admitted what he’s done.”


Otis is to face the legal machinery Friday in what will be his first court appearance.


Picture Courtesy: mark.watmough/Flickr

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