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Twitter War: Obnoxious hashtag #AssassinateTrump surfaces on Veterans Day ; Serious scrutiny begins

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Image courtesy: Ali Shaker/VOA

It is not the best time to be living in the United States of America. For all those who did not want the democratically elected Republican candidate to become the President, Twitter seems to have turned into a “Conglomeration of Assassins”.

Not much was left to celebrate on the eve of the 2016 National Veterans Day ceremony, as #AssassinateTrump soured the mood for most.

However, the detractors chose an alternate path and a very gory, dim witted and hostile attitude, to showcase their fury on the eve.

Disgruntled Americans are not alone; they have been joined by a battalion of social media “geniuses” who are pushing them into attempting a Vantage Point-inspired POTUS assassination.

Not unprecedented in anyway though, this is the first time that President-elect has faced so many murder threats in one day. While the US Military fights the enemies outside the country, it is unfathomable to imagine the kind of danger the election result has exposed in last two days alone!

In 2008, President Barrack Obama was threatened to be murdered on at least 5 occasions; most famous of which are the North Carolina Waffle House Threats and the Scranton “Kill Him” Threat. But for Trump, there is an obvious mob-like grouping and the assassination bid can’t be ruled out for once.


While some have been blatant in deluding lesser evil-minds into violence, some have silently bowed back and returned to their bosom, fearing Trumpence after the President-elect officially takes the oath.

Donald Trump may have won the race to become the POTUS, but it is still 10 weeks for him to unleash his power on the people he promised to take down.

The mogul magnet will be sworn in as the President on January 20, 2017; Americans are fanning their fear and anger by raising probable assassination bids on Trump before he can make it to the ceremony, which is officially called as the “Inauguration Day”.

Believe it or not, the followers of Democratic Party are in so much shock that they still can’t digest the fact that the business tycoon became their President in 1 year, 4 Months and 24 Days, since launching his campaign; that too, against a candidate who has over 30 years of social and political experience, and who has been a First Lady, and the 67th US Secretary of State for 4 years.


The Secret Service is responsible for protecting Donald Trump, and it is yet to be announced if he is under some special protective decoy before the Inauguration Day. Meanwhile, the hash-tag has been red-carded and severe punishments will follow for recklessly using the social media platform to vent assassination bids.

“Hail America” and “God Save America” can’t go together for sure… Things have to change, and violence is definitely no the answer; not even verbal ones.

Image courtesy: Ali Shaker/VOA

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