World braces for a triumphant Donald Trump

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Picture Courtesy: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

Elections are strange. Even though logic and common sense dictate every conscientious citizen of the U.S. should have naturally voted for Hillary Clinton, ordinary American are apparently swarming behind the Trump War call as the world braces to face Donald Trump.

But this is globalized world order with trump disbelievers already clamoring to have him removed from office as a tweet revealed.

As of writing, this article Donald Trump has 216 electoral votes just 54 away from a runaway victory, while Clinton lags behind with 197. Clinton still needs 73 electoral votes if she is to stage a come from behind victory. By the time you read this article those figures will become irrelevant as the world prepares itself to come face to face with a Donald Trump victory. The win in Florida was particularly unexpected according to Bloomberg.

The presidential race this year was particularly nasty with both sides leaving no stone unturned to discredit if not a shame to death their opponents. Official authorities too made cameo appearances at the party. The nation has a somber mood that is markedly pessimistic and engulfed with a sense of gloom. But the sentiment of something being wrong with the entire system is widely prevalent with “about 60 percent of voters saying the country was seriously on the wrong track,” according to Ney York Times.. Voters were also dismayed by the fact that personal attacks ruled the roost over serious issues and challenges faced by the U.S.

But come what may, Donald Trump has proved for once and for all that populism still strikes a chord with the voters and if you appeal to their baser instincts you are likely to be on the winning side. That is far from the ideal but we are still far away from the ideal world envisioned by any of the philosophers whose followers are the ones who run the world today. Mill’s Democracy, Nietzsche’s Superman and Marx’s Equality all are distant ideals far from being realized. We are living in the age of “men of straw” but the ideal of the Great America endures.

Picture Courtesy: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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