Has World War 3 already started: US cyber attacks could be a prelude to a world war

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World War 3
World War 3

With the recent news that major websites in the United States have been under cyber attack since Friday night, people have been speculating that this could be a prelude to a world war.

Last October 7, the US government has officially accused Russia of the hacking campaign to interfere with the elections, according to the Washington Post and with the recent cyber attacks, it could mean a preparation is being made to carry out a massive attack come election day.

However, the recent cyber attacks were done against major US websites and although it is extremely hard, but not impossible, to hack an election, the official announcement has not been made on who are the culprits behind the said attack.

Major websites that went down include Twitter, Shopify, Spotify, Etsy, Soundcloud, Github, Reddit, Airbnb, Netflix, Vox Media, Paypal, Daily News, WhatsApp and CNN. Also affected are Boston Globe, New York Times, NYT, Heroku and Tumblr, according to Tech Crunch.

Dyn, one of the world’s prominent internet performance management companies, reported that on October 21 at 11:00 UTC, a Dyn Managed DNS Infrastructure is under a DDoS attack. The company has since started working to mitigate the effects of the said hack but refrained from saying on who carried out such a massive cyber attack.

The recent cyber attacks were carried out following reports that Russia has deployed its biggest military offensive yet in a bid to end the war in Syria once and for all while the US is prepping its national elections.

Additionally, a recent report has also been made linking China of a cyber attack targeting a US Department of Defense contractor linked to an Office of Personnel Management hack and a separate attack targeting government officials on a US aircraft carrier.

With the United States and Russia’s relationship at its tipping point, along with the provocative actions of Russia and the worsening international ties of US with its allies, it is possible that world war 3 has already begun.

Photo Courtesy: Maxwell Hamilton/ Flickr

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