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Cannabis 420: Know why Cannabis is celebrated on this day

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Cannabis 420

Today is the 20th day of April. But what is so special about 4/20 or 20 April? Don’t know yet? We have all the details of Cannabis 420 for you.

Today is the holy day for Cannabis lovers. Today is in fact the Christmas for pot lovers.

Stoners, potheads and weed enthusiasts everywhere around the world are celebrating this day for it is officially the ‘Weed Day’.

The origin of 4:20 or 4/20 being celebrated as a ‘Weed Day’ dates back to 1971 in Marin County, California. A group of high school students from San Rafael High School would meet by the campus’s statute of Louis Pasteur to smoke up. They would regularly meet up at 4:20 PM.

The group used to call themselves ‘The Waldos’ because they would meet by the wall. Since they used to meet up regularly and then smoke up, they began using the term “420” as their code word. Hence, Cannabis 420.

How convenient!

But from here the mystery deepens. Why they used to meet up regularly in the first place? Of course, the obvious reason would be- high school friends just hanging out after their classes.

However, there is a reason why they used to meet up regularly at 4:20 PM. And yes, like a true Enid Blyton’s story The Adventurous Four, these group of high school friends too had their own mystery to solve.

It so happened that these high school lads heard that a Coast Guard service member stationed at nearby Point Reyes had a secret pot crop. Apparently the Coast Guard wasn’t able to take care of it any longer. The boys then took it upon themselves to find it and take care of it.

They then somehow got hold of the treasure map drawn by the Coast Guard. And would regularly meet at 4:20 PM after school to find the stash.

Gradually, ‘420’ became the group’s codeword for weed and the rest is history.

But is the story about the pot of stash even true?

Surprisingly yes!

The Coast Guard by the name of Gary Newman had planted the “now-famous pot crop on a patch of federal land near the lighthouse.” He even took care of the crop after leaving active duty.

But in the fall of 1971, Newman got scared of getting caught. So he drew a map of it and gave it to his brothers-in-law, Bill and Pat McNulty. Bill then shared the map with ‘The Waldos’ and this led to the birth of the historic Cannabis 4/20 or Cannabis 4:20.

Photo Courtesy: Pixabay

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