Donald Trump assassination attempt during rally in Las Vegas

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Photo courtesy: Michael Vadon/Wikimedia commons

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump has now shifted his focus on the general elections. He said that he would now be “running a different kind of campaign”, which led him to fire his aggressive campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.

This led to another loss of one of his key staffs as Michael Caputo resigned after a controversial celebratory tweet, “Ding dong the witch is dead!” following Lewandowski’s firing.

This was not the only shakeup reported within Trump’s team as they appeared in a Republican rally in Las Vegas.

During the campaign, a British teenager attempted to draw a gun from one of the police officers in the area in trying to assassinate the American businessman and politician.

Michael Sandford, 19, pretended to fall in line to get an autograph from Trump before grabbing the weapon from an officer close by. The police overpowered him and is now under arrest. 1,500 people attended the rally at the Treasure Island Casino, and there were no reports of anyone being hurt during the assassination attempt.

During the investigations, it was later revealed that Sandford had planned to kill Trump for a year now. He lived in New Jersey for 18 months and had practiced shooting a 9mm Glock pistol on Friday at the Battlefield Vegas. So far, the motive behind Sandford’s assassination attempt is not yet known.

The teenager further told police that he was ready to lose his life to carry out his plan.

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Donald Trump has been highly criticized on various fronts since the day he announced his candidacy last June 2015. He is outspoken and known to detest political correctness. He drew much ire from citizens for his views on illegal immigration, racism, Islamic extremism and his highlight on American patriotism.

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Many politicians have described Donald Trump “divisive”, “unserious“, and a “bully.” Furthermore, due to his tendency to make contradictory statements and for changing his stance on public issues over time, his political style is described as “eclectic, improvisational and often contradictory”.

The presidential candidate has yet to make a statement on the incident.

Photo courtesy: Michael Vadon/Wikimedia commons

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