Holly Holm wants Tate to win UFC 200

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Post her UFC 196 loss to Miesha Tate, Holly Holm badly wanted a rematch as soon as possible. The UFC instead denied her the rematch and booked Tate for UFC 200 against Amanda Nunes. Tate will now be having her first title defense on July 9.

So, how this makes Holly Holm feel?

Holm feels that she was winning the fight and can’t understand why UFC denied her an immediate rematch.

“As far as how she won the belt, it wasn’t like she was just dominating me,” Holly Holm told The MMA Hour. “I was ahead. I was winning that fight. And yeah, she totally had round two and dominated round two. But in my eyes and I think most people’s eyes, that’s why a rematch made sense. It wasn’t like really one-sided. I felt like I was winning and she came with a submission in the end. I don’t see why they wouldn’t want to see a rematch with something like that.”

Holm badly wants the rematch, and she badly wants Tate to win at UFC 200.

“I would like to rematch Miesha and I would like it to be for the belt, because who wouldn’t want to get that back?” Holm said. “So I guess that’s what I would want. I want her to win, still have the belt, so I could rematch her and get the belt. I would rematch her regardless. But it would be even sweeter if it was for the belt. So I hope she wins. And anybody that beats me, better beat everybody else.”

Last week, there was controversy that Tate chose Nunes over Tate. Tate however, said that UFC chose Nunes. Whatever the truth is, Holm feels she needs to be “patient” and continue training.

“You never know,” she said. “Somebody could get hurt, I guess. I’m gonna keep training and be ready.”

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