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Kabul mosque bombing kills more than 20 people, more injured

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A young amputee boy walks through the Eidgah mosque in the city of Kabul December 8, 2001 where the U.N. World Food Programme (WFP) started its biggest ever food distribution in the Afghan capital on Saturday, handing out sacks of wheat to more than three-quarters of the war-ravaged city’s population.

Another suicide bomber blew himself inside a Shia mosque in the Afghan capital. The Kabul mosque bombing claimed 27 lives the interior minister confirmed.

Attack against the Shia

The bombing is the latest in a series of attacks against the Shia community. The attack killed 27 and injured 35 more, including children. According to the report, it happened inside the Baqer-ul-Uloom mosque in the Darul Aman area. Kabul chief of police, Abdul Rahman Rahimi fears there are more deaths.

The Kabul mosque bombing took place Monday afternoon after the end of Arbaeen. This ceremony commemorates the 40th day of Imam Hussein’s martyrdom. The Shias consider Hussein as the rightful heir to the prophet Muhammad. He was assassinated in 680. His teachings lay the foundations of the Shia faith.

Earlier this year, another blast killed 14 Shia worshippers during Ashura in northern Afghanistan. The Shias are a minority in a Sunni Muslim Afghanistan.

Nadir Ali, an eyewitness, said that he heard a blast and soon after, dust descended and covered the mosque. After that, he saw flesh and blood scattered around the area.

Another eyewitness said that he saw a lot of bloodied bodies carried to the hospital.

Government chief Abdullah Abdullah condemned it. He called the Kabul mosque bombing a crime against humanity and Islam.

“This attack is against religions, faiths, humanity, human ideologies and every human belief. This is a sign of barbarism and cruelty,” he said.

He added a warning against the perpetrators, saying justice will be served. He said the Afghan security forces will make sure the bombers will be accountable. On the other hand, he asked for unity as they mourn their loss.

Not in our agenda

The Taliban denied responsibility for the Kabul mosque bombing. He said bombing mosques are not part of their agenda.

The bombing occurred a week after a blast at a US military base in Bagram killed four American soldiers.


Photo Courtesy: Robert Mark/Flickr

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