Mark Cuban says Donald Trump getting “stupider”

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Photo courtesy: Brian Solis/Flickr.com

Donald Trump told the NBC that he has worked hard to raise funds for the GOP, and says he needs the Republican Party’s solid support. He further said that the divisions within the group has hurt his wallet and threatens to fund his own campaign.

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Assuming his trademark air of overweening confidence he says that he won’t be denied the Republican nomination.

The US presidential candidate says he can always infuse his own money to fund his campaign, and he can win it that way if members of the Republican Party won’t help back.

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This message apparently piqued the Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban who scoffed at the idea presented by Trump. He sharply criticized Trump and says that he doesn’t have the money to self-fund.

He pointed out that a Federal Election Report shows that Trump’s campaign only has a measly $1.3 million compared to Hillary Clinton’s $42 million at the beginning of June. Contrary to this, Trump says he was able to raise a total of $12 million for his party.

Mark Cuban, who once considered being a running mate for Trump, said that if he (Trump) is really as rich as he claims to be, he should write a $200 million check to propel his campaign. But “he doesn’t have the cash.” He said. And Trump’s reason for not disclosing his tax returns isn’t convincing.

Donald Trump has been reported by Forbes to exaggerate his net worth last year by no less than 100%.

What Trump needs to do, Cuban says, is to have a clear grasp of the issues, so he won’t be a puppet by his advisers. He raised his verbal onslaught and says the public needs to give credit to Trump. He didn’t think it possible, but Trump is getting “stupider” each time.

Trump would “get kicked out of ‘Shark Tank’ so fast, it would make your head spin.” Said Cuban.

Photo courtesy: Brian Solis/Flickr.com

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