Nate Diaz walks out of interview with CNBC

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Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz’s UFC 196 fight is already a hot topic of discussion. From expletives to trash talks and hurling abuses at each other, theirs have been a colorful affair.

The latest from the scheduled fight news is that during an interview of the UFC fighters with CNBC, Nate Diaz walked out of the interview, reports MMA Fighting.

What is surprising is that, you would expect something like this from McGregor but not from Nate Diaz.

McGregor is known to openly talk about his craze for making money. During the interview, McGregor said that he will get paid Saturday night. Giving a hint of the amount, Conor revealed that he’ll “breeze past” the $10 million mark for the fight. Diaz however, would not disclose his salary.

“The main thing to succeed in the game is to either be me or fight me. Everything else is peanuts,” McGregor said.

According to the report, Diaz was visibly annoyed during the interview. However, when question about how the UFC can compete with the NBA and the NHL came up, Diaz almost lost it.

He asked for the next question, then took off his mic and simply walked out of the interview.

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