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WWE Rumors: John Cena to replace Shane McMahon and face the Undertaker in WM32?

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Looks like Shane McMahon battling the Undertaker could be just a ploy for John Cena to come up and and spice up Wrestlemania 32.

Conspiracy theorists for WWE reveals that it is quite impossible for Shane McMahon to just come in the ring with the Undertaker – in probably one of his last matches in his career –  and ‘realistically’ win.

With that, we could expect that Shane McMahon will write a plot twist for another wrestler to replace him – maybe an injury or whatever reason that he will have.

But the name that comes up the most to battle the Undertaker is John Cena.

Why not?

A fight featuring a legend vs another legend is something that will just blow the magnitude of the Wrestlemania hype. Just imagine the mere thought the Undertaker – now at 50-years-old – taking on John Cena for his final Wrestlemania match.

Cena vs The Undertaker would be a great match up to unite wrestling fans from different generations.

For Cena, there is nothing for him to lose. The honor and prestige of retiring the Undertaker would something he would like to have on his resume.

Expect the changes to happen really soon but for now, McMahon vs the Undertaker seemed to be a robbery for WWE fans.

Photo Courtesy: David Seto/Wikimedia

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