LaMarcus Aldridge News: Three-team trade brings Aldridge to Cavaliers while Spurs get Kenneth Faried

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Three-team trade brings Aldridge to Cavaliers while Spurs gets Kenneth Faried?
The Spurs would cut ties with LaMarcus Aldridge and a three-team trade suggests that Aldridge to the Cavaliers while the Spurs get Kenneth Faried.

If the San Antonio Spurs would cut ties with LaMarcus Aldridge before the trade deadline it will leave them with a very thin frontcourt. Thus, a three-team trade suggests that brings Aldridge to the Cavaliers while the Spurs get Kenneth Faried.

Aside from the Cavaliers and the Spurs, the proposed deal would also get the Denver Nuggets with assets to trade as well. If the deal would be explored, the Cavaliers will receive Aldridge, who will give more strength inside the paint together with LeBron James and Kevin Love.

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If he gets shipped to the Cavaliers, Aldridge would release defensive pressure on James, Kyrie Irving, and Love. It would also make the defense think twice whether to commit further outside or device another defensive play that would man both in and out of the basket.

With the trade, the Spurs would get a couple of assets such as Faried, Channing Frye, Iman Shumpert, and Will Barton. The Nuggets, in return, will receive Tristan Thompson, Danny Green, and Jordan McRae.

Many would think that the Cavaliers won’t trade Thompson, but they will for a star like Aldridge who could form the team into a “super team.” The Cavaliers have always stated that the only untouchables on their roster are James and Irving. They have always wanted to get Aldridge and with this trade that could make it a possibility.

For the Spurs, they get flexibility especially with Faried teaming up with Kawhi Leonard and Pau Gasol. Faried would be a fit in Gregg Popovich’s system as his defensive mindset would make him an asset. Having Faried, Leonard, Patty Mills, and Shumpert would be a fearsome lineup and a defensive core to build up.

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Barton would be a rising star that Popovich could mentor under Tony Parker and Mills while Frye would be a solid rim protector deep in the basket. Frye would be a fit together with Pau Gasol.

And since the Nuggets are trying to find a home for Faired, this trade would be worthy of exploring as they will get the needed assets for the season. Having Thompson will give them a reliable rim protector with Green they get a prolific shooting option.

The trade is plausible only if teams involve would look into it. It would address their concerns and needs. The trade could be done before the trade deadline as the Spurs will try to see how Aldridge will overdo himself with the start of the NBA season.

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