Chicago Bulls: Three-team trade suggests Jimmy Butler to Kings for DeMarcus Cousins

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Three-team trade suggests Jimmy Butler to Kings for DeMarcus Cousins?
Trade rumors suggest the Chicago Bulls unload Jimmy Butler and send him to the Sacramento Kings for big man DeMarcus Cousins.

There are no optimistic chances for the Chicago Bulls to make it to the playoffs this season and a trade would adjust not only its roster bit its destiny. Trade rumors suggest the Bulls unload Jimmy Butler and send him to the Sacramento Kings for DeMarcus Cousins.

Many stated that the Bulls’ season rest on the shoulders of Butler, but many also see him as the main cause which will bring the team down. In the proposed deal, it will also include the Minnesota Timberwolves will see Butler and Robin Lopez going to the Kings.

In return, the Bulls will get Cousins and Ricky Rubio which would mean a stronger rim protector together with Taj Gibson and Doug McDermott and Denzel Valentine. It would also spread the offense as Rajon Rondo and Dwyane Wade will have more room to work.

The trade will also answer concerns of having Butler, Rondo, and Wade all on the floor that will cause clashes on their ball rotation. It is intriguing of how they can make the Bulls a contender in the East. But if the deal goes down, the Bulls addresses the pressing concern and adds depth with Cousins dominating inside the paint.

Aside from Cousins, having Rubio would also give the Bulls an extra veteran backcourt with the talent to find the open man. Though many see Rubio as indispensable, the Timberwolves might want to explore the trade as they are keen on having Kris Dunn take over his place.

For the Kings, getting Butler and Lopez would mean a rebuilding in the making. Not only do they get a superstar they also get an extra body inside the shaded area in Lopez.

Meanwhile, the Timberwolves receive Rudy Gay and Nikola Mirotic which gives them the needed bodies down the paint as well. Gay would give the Wolves flexibility in the forward spot together with Andrew Wiggins, Brandon Rush, and Mirotic.

The deal would only be plausible if teams involved would sit down and talk business nonetheless it would be just something pretty to look at. With the league formally starting this week, teams may want to look at the deal before the trade deadline.

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