Baron Davis defends Stephen Curry, Davis hints a comeback to the Warriors

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Having a spectacular performance this season, Stephen Curry and Warriors are steadily treading its route towards the playoffs, and possibly the finals. But despite the good performance and outlook of Curry inside and outside the court, he is still being plagued by some criticisms and demerits. As a result, of these criticisms coming from former NBA stars, former Warriors, and current D-League player Baron Davis defends Stephen Curry.

Now this would not be the first time that a familiar name in the league fired back against critics of current NBA star players, like Curry. The four-time MVP, LeBron James, previously aired his sentiments regarding the issues. James via USA Today stated that:

“Listen, if we know guys who can’t play at a high level, then you voice your opinion on it,” James said. “But when you get to talking (about players) like Kevin Durant, Dwyane Wade, LeBron, ‘Melo (Carmelo Anthony), Steph, (James) Harden, come on. We’re doing our job. We’re doing our job to continue to make this game beautiful.”

In the same manner, Baron Davis, who used to be a point-guard in the Warriors for three years, sided with Curry regarding some criticism about him [Curry] being a product of a soft era. Davis via Jay Mariotti of San Francisco Examiner expressed his belief and appreciation towards Stephen Curry and his kind of game.

“Steph Curry is my favorite player. When I go to the gym, I’m trying to be like Steph, too. A lot of times, older players get stuck in their era and their mentality and don’t appreciate the talent and gifts these younger players have. Steph Curry — I haven’t seen anyone on his level, bringing that type of showmanship with excellence. He’s a complete player, and if you’re a fan of the sport, you can’t help but love him,” Davis explained.

In line with these statements made by Davis defending Stephen Curry, the former Warrior point-guard somehow hints a comeback in the professional league. Talking about the current NBA teams and players, Davis expressed his dream of playing back in the NBA and preferably with the Golden State Warriors.

“I would love to. It would be a dream come true. Be a dream come true, man,” Davis said via SFE.

It is quite a big revelation about the soon to be the 37-year-old veteran player. His plan of a comeback and opportunity to play side by side with a champion team has been one his motivations. However, the question of age and tenacity will be likely be considered, especially that there are many young and promising talents in the league. But it seems like Davis has no qualms about it.

“I have nothing to lose and a lot to give…. If nobody calls, nobody calls.” Davis emphasized.

Guess we would just have to wait and see what would happen to the dream of a comeback of the former Warriors point guard. And whether his act of defending Curry will have any merits on it.

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