Cavaliers Trade Rumors: Cleveland not contented with current line-up, look to trade for Denver’s Wilson Chandler

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Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison/Wikimedia Commons

Cavaliers Trade Rumors – The Cleveland Cavaliers are the defending champions but that does not mean LeBron James and management are not looking to improve their team for the 2016-2017 NBA Season. With rivals like the Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics vastly upgraded this year, it’s only expected that there will be rumors and speculations that the Cavs are willing to make some changes this season.

One growing trade rumor is the Cavaliers are targeting veterans Wilson Chandler and Jameer Nelson of the Denver Nuggets.

Cavaliers-Nuggets trade to help both teams

Chandler is a versatile forward that can back-up LeBron James and Nelson will also help the Cavaliers after losing Mo Williams to retirement this summer. A reliable backup to Kyrie Irving is important if the Cavs want to defend their title and Nelson will be a good fit with his experience.

But why would the Nuggets do this trade? Simply because they are already loaded at the wing spots, which is Chandler’s position. They are better off saving some money for future team salary cap space and get some young prospects.

Cavaliers trade rumors: Chandler good fit, Denver saves money

In this probable Cavaliers-Nuggets trade, Cleveland receives Chandler and Nelson for Mo William’s contract, Jordan McRae and their trade exceptions plus a first-round pick from the Cavaliers.

LeBron and Irving get reliable backups and the Nuggets get salary cap reprieve plus a future first rounder and also a prospect in McRae.

Do these Cavaliers trade rumors make sense for both parties? Tell us your thoughts below in the comments section.

Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison/Wikimedia Commons

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